Treat Yourself to a Mother’s Day Out Event

Join us for our 2nd Annual Mom’s ‘Mosas and Yoga Mother’s Day Out Event

LYW is raising a champagne glass to all the local mothers with Our 2nd Annual Mom’s ’Mosas and Yoga Mother’s Day Out Event May 7.

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Recharge Replenish Renew

When was the last time you had a time out? When was the last time you did a self check-in?
If you have a spare minute in your day, jammed full of mom duties, then I am inviting you to take a few moments for yourself. I will wait right here…

What was that like for you? Did you just keep reading because you have no idea what to do or you feel like one moment is not enough…or maybe taking time out of your day to read this is your moment?

Although I do not have “real” kids, I do have a husband, three dogs, and a business to run. Between the dogs, teaching classes, holding space for my relationships and taking care of all the behind the scenes at the studio, there is very little room in the day for a time out.

It is a balancing act trying to give each person and thing in my life the attention it needs and if there is going to be a short straw drawn as to who/what is going to be left out, it will most likely be me.

The struggle to create space for everyone and everything is real but I would not want to change it. It does make it necessary for me to make time in my busy schedule for self-care.

About 3 days a week, I leave the house and get to the studio early enough to practice on my own without any distractions. It is usually right before dawn that I lay out my mat and cover it with a soft blanket and a meditation cushion. I have my other yoga props like myofascial release balls, blocks, and a strap near by so that they will be conveniently close by when I need them.

This is a my mandatory time out. Every practice begins with a bit of gratitude for a quiet uninterrupted moment to listen to what my body needs. That first deep breath feels like an actual breath of fresh air. I can feel it cleansing the tension of constant obligation from my body and mind. It genuinely feels like I have plugged myself in to an electrical outlet. I slowly begin to recharge.

Blair McCain and I want to give you a much needed moment to yourself. Blair brings the experience of a mother with two busy kids to the mat. She knows what it is like to have to budget and sometimes even plan your self-care time or else.
We both know it isn’t easy to take care of yourself when you are exhausted.

All you need to do is show up and let us take care of the rest.

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This special event will be a rejuvenating combination of yoga and self-massage techniques with a bonus toast in celebration of you and all the hard work you do.

If you feel like you haven’t had a moment to take care of yourself, are always making the decisions or that you never get a minute of private/quiet time, this event is for you.
Self massage techniques and Gentle Hatha Yoga are great ways to target those overworked tissues in the shoulders, hips, and low back. These practices can relieve chronic tension that leaves you feeling exhausted and burned out. This practice will leave feeling replenished and renewed.