Bring a Friend for Free All Month Long!

How It Works:
  • Who’s Eligible? All current members and pass holders.
  • What’s the Offer? You can bring a friend for free to any of our classes throughout July.
  • Flexibility: Bring a different friend each time, or invite the same friend to join you all month long!
Why Participate?
  • Share the Joy of Yoga: Introduce your friends to the calming and revitalizing benefits of yoga.
  • Stay Motivated: Practicing with a friend can keep you motivated and committed to your practice.
  • Double the Fun: Enjoy the sense of community and shared experiences with your yoga buddy.
Need More Details?
  • Class Availability: Your friend can join any regular class that you attend.
  • In-Person Booking: Simply arrive at the studio with your friend, and we’ll take care of their registration on the spot.
  • Friend Eligibility: Friends new to our studio or those who have visited before are welcome.
Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your self-care routine and share the experience with those you care about. Whether it’s a soothing Yoga Nidra session with Ruby, a dynamic Vinyasa flow, or a restorative gentle yoga class, your friend is sure to find something they love.
How to Get Started:
  1. Check the Schedule: Visit our website or app to see our class schedule.
  2. Book Your Spot: Reserve your place in class online.
  3. Bring a Friend: Arrive at the studio with your friend, and we’ll register them in person.
If you have any questions about the promotion or need assistance with bookings, our friendly staff is here to help. Reach out to us at [contact information] or ask us in person at the studio.
Make this summer a season of self-care and connection. We look forward to seeing you and your friends on the mat!

Namaste, Longview Yoga Wellness